Episode 02: The Future of Journalism, Content Marketing, and Ethics in Publishing

Welcome back to The GrindDaily Podcast! Today we’re talking with Paul Hagey!

Paul Hagey is a journalist by trade, and the founder of HageyMedia, as well as acting as the managing editor for Swanepoel T3 Group, a consulting leader in the residential real estate industry. Much of our conversation focuses on the current  role of journalism, and where journalism and content marketing may share roles in the future. We also discuss Paul’s plans for the future, and where opportunity may find itself in publishing. Paul is passionate about his work, and has big goals for changing the role of local publishing.
In the beginning of the show, Paul mentioned a few articles that Carson was a source for. These articles were what led Paul to meeting Carson, and eventually conencted them for the Podcast! The posts were Instagram, Snapchat and Tinder may be the new frontier for real estate advertising and a later post on similar groundbreaking strategies for real estate marketing, Snapchat + real estate worth the investment?.
  • Paul’s favorite google chrome extension is Pocket, a savvy tool for saving articles and sites directly from your browser, or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite. Pocket allows you to save the article and pick it up later on other devices. Great for managing all of those blogs that you want to read, but risk losing productivity.
  • Paul is currently obsessing about The NeimanLab, a blog from Harvard on publishing challenges and highlighting emerging media models in journalism.
  • Paul and Carson mention Inman a few times. Inman is a trade publication, and industry leader in real estate publishing. Paul used to work at Inman, and Carson spoke at the Inman Connect Conference in NYC 2016
  • Follow Paul Hagey on twitter @HageyRE


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