Episode 04: Tacos are Better in Mexico- Freelance Writing and Travel

(DJ Khalid Voice) Another One. Today we’re getting down with Matthew Hartill!

Matthew is a free-lance writer for Medium, and worked abroad in Mexico City. Living the dream? Join us on another awesome episode of The GrindDaily Podcast, don’t play ya self!

  • Link to Matt Hartill’s blog post on medium about skipping class, and why not to make resumes
  • Taco blog post
  • He is a contributor to Praxis, an internship away from college that focuses on providing real life experiences to those willing to leave traditional school for a period of time (or those right after school).
  • Sasha DeJulian one of the crazy badass rock climbers Matt mentioned
  • We mentioned Alex Honnold, the professional rock climber. Here is the article mentioned about Alex’s unique fear complex, discovered in his brain MRI. We also mentioned Alex on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, the episode can be found here.
  • We mentioned Jocko Willink on the Tim Ferriss Show (9/2016), where he talks about discipline among other things, AND an earlier episode from the Tim Ferriss show (9/2015)

Matt on Medium

Matt on Twitter @Matthew_Hartill



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