Episode 06: Finding Your Niche and Growing a Business on Accident

The man, the myth, the legend! Big 4 CPA extraordinaire! Entrepreneur! Real Estate Investor! This man does it all folks. The heart of the hustler is strong with this one. Today we welcome Brandon Hall to The GrindDaily Podcast!


Brandon Hall is founder of The Real Estate CPA, a firm focused specifically on real estate investors. Brandon sort of fell into his successfully growing practice, by way of the real estate investor social media platform BiggerPockets. Brandon had been interested in real estate investing (REI) since he was a kid, and found the website a great medium for scratching his itch to learn about investing.The platform is rich with forums, blogs, and budding investors eager to learn.

While studying for the CPA exam he decided to answer tax questions on the forums, hundreds if not thousands of real estate investors seeking real tax advice for their assets (side note, this was one of the most brilliant study hacks I have ever heard of). Through his forum posting he identified a niche. Real estate investors all across the country looking for advice, and hardly anyone answering their questions. The market validation was there before the business was even born. As an aspiring investor himself, he established The Real Estate CPA , at the same time he began purchasing properties of his own. A living breathing representation of his clients. Who knows better on advising real estate investors on taxes than a CPA that invests himself. It’s the epitome of truly understanding your “user”, or client in this instance.

Brandon is entirely impressive, he seems to have 30 years of experience already in his career. It hasn’t been all gold mining though, he has seen his share of challenges that forced him to hustle through. Tune in to the episode to hear the interview in its entirety.

Hustle Round

You’re not selling the product, you’re selling the solution that it brings”-Brandon Hall

Brandon has learned a lot from golf. It taught him patience, and he says it has been an incredible learning process to take himself out of business for a moment.

In his business, he has learned a lot about content marketing through his work on BiggerPockets.

It’s Not Rocket Science by Dave Anderson. A book about getting your head out if the clouds as an entrepreneur. David has a huge focus on completing 3 specific tasks per day. Brandon says “if you are looking for a good book on execution, its a freaking fantastic book”

Brandon called out Ryan Goldfarb on the weekly callout round. Ryan will be a guest on episode 20 of the GrindDaily podcast.


You can read some of Brandon’s REI posts here, and listen to his BiggerPockets podcast interview here where he dives deeper into REI and tax advising topics, as well as how he has house-hacked his residence.


Connect with Brandon on LinkedIn or check out his website.


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