Episode 11: What it Takes to Be A LPGA Pro Golfer

Have you ever wondered how golfer become pro? Any sports fan knows the path required for a football or basketball player to become pro, perform well in your youth to be recruited by a good college program, succeed in college, declare for the draft, and hopefully land a spot to tryout for a pro team. In golf, it is a completely different story and you might be surprised.
In the professional golf community, you declare as a pro, and then must succeed in qualifying for the tournaments. A week long process in Palm Springs California with 300+ women competing for 90 spots on tour. They played 3 courses over 4 days, plus many practice rounds. Shabril said this qualifying school in 110 degree heat was “a grind”.
Shabril and I chat about her life as a pro-golfer in the LPGA, what it took for her to become a pro, how she has tweaked her golf game since becoming pro, and how her coaches influenced early in her career. From her time at James Madison University, to playing pro for the tournaments.
Shabril’s favorite app is Instagram, checkout her profile. Shabril is also on Twitter @Shabril_Brewer.
Here favorite book is The Energy Bus. Shabril likes this book because it taught her to always find the positive in every situation.
“Enjoy The Process” is one of Shabril’s favorite quotes.  We end the show talking about how we are in the process of acheiveing something longer than we are actually in the achievement phase. The goal only lasts a second, but the journey of reaching that goal lasts a long time, so you have to love the grind!
Shabril mentioned her coach Bobby Gage, and how he has helped change her swing for the pro game. Bobby played pro in the PGA tour.

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