Episode 15: Trained by a Robot- How Missing the Olympics Inspired Innovation

An American record swimmer at Harvard and the University of California Berkley, magician, non-profit organizer, and entrepreneur. He’s performed magic with David Blane, and swam with olympians like Nathan Adrian. Chuck Katis is a world class hustler, and founder of TheBodBox the robot that trains you. Chuck talked with GrindDaily about how missing his chance at the Olympics led to a greater calling.
Chuck talks about how he learned to be productive and work smarter while in school. After school Chuck trained for the Olympics, going 100% in, sleeping in altitude tents, hard core training for 8 months. He ended up missing his shot, but it turned him on to something. He was obsessed with creating value.
Inspired by AirBnb founder Brian Chesky, and Obama O’s, Chuck launched Caffeine 2016 to help fund Mentegrate (a project Chuck had started while in school). Launching from the success of Caffeine 2016, Chuck utilized what he learned about marketing the speciality coffee, and providing value to the market to work on his next venture.
TheBodBox came as a disguised calling, in a dark time of Chuck’s life. He had missed out on a dream 16 years in the making, and was unsure of where to turn. Chuck decided to do something about it, he was determined to figure out what exactly the Olympic swimmers did different in their training that allowed them to become Olympians. So, he built a robot.
Notes From the Show
 The article with Twitter co-founder and Medium founder Ev Williams can be read here. This was the article Chuck mentioned talking about two options. “There are two choices, either you give up and you just quit. Or you get way the hell better”.
We talked about Chuck and my friend, CJ Fiala and his podcast on episode 8. On CJ’s episode we talk more specifics about US Men’s Swimming, marketing, and branding.
Tools and Resources Mentioned
Codeacadamy.com teaches a great intro for several coding languages.
Boomerang, and something I recently downloaded called Bananatag are email productivity apps. We also mentioned Inbox by Gmail, all great email productivity apps.
Hackervision is another chrome plugin that Chuck mentions, simply put its “Night-mode for the internet. Apply a highly-visible dark theme to all webpages”
Chuck has been obsessing about Ray Kurzweil recently. Ray’s episode of Neil de Grasse Tyson’s “Startalk Radio” can be found here. Ray is the author of “The Singularity is Near
Chuck mentioned a game he played as a child called, Warhammer 40,000
As a final message, Chuck leaves us with an article by Chance the Rapper on GQ, which can be read here.
Follow Chuck and the bodbox on Instagram @TheBodBox, and checkout TheBodBox website.

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