Episode 20: Real Estate Investing at 25 with Ryan Goldfarb

Ryan Goldfarb

Ryan developed an interest in real estate as a kid, the thought of turning a plot of dirt into a building fascinated him. Architecture interested him, but as he grew older the business side of things exposed him to real estate development and investing.


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Real Estate Schooling

Knowing he was interested in investing, Ryan took a holistic approach to his real estate education. Learning the only way you can in the industry, on the job within real estate. While in college at UMD, he interned with a brokerage and a property manager to get some exposure to those integral pieces, then he worked on the financial side, to wrap everything together.


Real estate is a unique industry, as vast as the ocean. There are so many pieces to the real estate industry, even Trump himself hasn’t seen it all. Which makes education and a level of focus absolutely paramount.


Out On His Own

 Around the 15 minute mark, we jump into how Ryan left his corporate job with Wells Fargo to venture out on his own.  In the beginning he did market research, getting his bearing straight finding out what the market had to offer. Looking at as many deals as he could.


“Hire other people that do stuff better than you do”

Ryan mentioned that his CPA, Brandon Hall from Episode 6, and contractors are extremely helpful in vetting deals. The team he built became his sounding board. Similar to what Andrew Miller and Brian Forrester mentioned on Episode 17, hiring professionals to add to your team ends up saving you money. Ryan also enlisted the help of a real estate agent to help find deals in the area.

Moving forward, Ryan and Berry Lane acquired properties and began to fix-and-flip properties in Jersey City.

Since the interview, Ryan and I have chatted a lot and I’m super excited to get him back on the show here to continue the story.


Hustle Round


The quote on Ryan’s mind:  “You are the average of the 5 people that you associate with most”

His favorite google chrome extension is Instapaper, which is similar to Pocket. It allows you to bookmark something on your laptop so that you can view it later on your phone.

Influencer or Book: The One Thing, by Gary Keller was huge for Rya as well. A book that we have mentioned a few times it helps you focus on your goals more than any other book I have read has. Ryan and I both love Tim Ferriss, we mentioned him on almost every podcast.

Weekly Callout


Evan Lutz,ofHungry Harvest. Evan was recently featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 List, as a social impact entrepreneur. Evan was also featured on SharkTank with Hungry Harvest.

Real Estate Porn ALERT

BerryLane Partners on Instagram @berry_lane_partners and on their website.

Music This Week


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