Episode 22: 52 Non-Profits in 52 Weeks with Travis Miller and Luke Faulconer



Luke Faulconer is the founder of Troolu, an organization that is empowering young people to change the world.


Travis Wade Miller is on a journey across the country, traveling to 52 cities in 52 weeks, highlighting a non-profit in each city.



Full Interview

How they Met?


Travis and Luke met through Next Gen, a community founded to bring young entrepreneurs together. Luke had the infrastructure, Travis had the travel bug, they both wanted to help non-profits across the country. The two are the perfect match.


Travis’s goal was to get on the road as soon as possible, so they started rolling out a plan for the journey. He was on the road traveling to new cities within a month.


“It had an instant viral effect”, as Luke told us and The Huffington Post picked it up for a story.


Learning on the Job

Luke started learning videography out of necessity. He was documenting these non-profits stories and realized that learning the equipment and software for video and photography production was crucial. Travis found the same to be true, and as he traveled began to learn quite a bit about production.

Hustle Round


Travis’s favorite book is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carenige. A timeless book that “has carried thousands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives” -Amazon.


Luke’s favorite book right now is Tribes by Seth Godin. Also on his mind is Mark Cuban’s The Way Life and Business Can Be Played, Success Stories of a Brilliant Billionaire


Another book I threw out there is Seth Godin’s Purple Cow Marketing, a great intro to marketing with golden nuggets for anyone with experience.


The quote on Luke’s mind right now, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain


A quote on Travis’s mind “you miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take” Michael Jordan.


A recent accomplishment most proud of: Travis is really happy for the skills he has learned in the last few weeks. From video production to tips from the books he has read. Networking and meeting people across the country has been huge as well!


Luke’s favorite productivity tool is Hunter.ioHunter.io, an extension that verify’s email addresses. Extremely useful for finding email addresses for people that are hard to get in touch with.


Who is Influencing Them Right Now?

Luke is a Tim Ferriss junkie, we talk about him on almost every episode, he seems to be a recurring influence among the community here.


Travis likes social media influencers, like YouTubers, Vine starts, etc. “the way they produce content, and the way they get their community engaged, is interesting”. Noting how fascinated by the community engagement Travis becomes.


Weekly Callout

Paul McNeal- one of Travis and Luke’s mentors.
Travis called out Bryan Wish, who was on episode 10 of the podcast.


Show Quotes

“Its one of those things, you just have to pivot as you go” -Travis Wade Miller
“Get out of analysis paralysis, get out there and roll with it”
“There is no better time than this” Luke Faulconer
“Build the foundation in your twenties” – Carson Sweezy


Follow Troolu on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also find Luke on Faulconer
Watch Travis’s story on Troolu, or his personal blog at Travis at TravisWadeMiller.com
Carson on Facebook and Instagram

Music of the Week

Don’t trip ft Jhuni, Shel-B prod UrBan Nerd Beats

Emanu on SoundCloud

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