Episode 26: Relational Marketing, Innovating How We understand Products with James Kotecki

What is Relational Marketing?

Relational marketing is about telling a story. In the very beginning of the show, we jump into describing what James Kotecki does, and we end up coining the term “relational marketing” to describe his niche style. Essentially, it’s the evolution of content marketing.



The Podcast

College Dorm Interviewing

James began as a YouTube sensation back in the mid-2000’s, where he started a YouTube channel while in school at Georgetown. At first, his videos were the typical goofy college videos. But then things got serious, he realized the potential that this new medium provided, and capitalized on his location. His unique approach and style put him in on the radar of politicians such as Ron Paul, whom he interviewed in his Georgetown dorm room.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 1.25.30 AM.png


When he graduated, he stuck with political interviews, parlaying his efforts to work with the international political journalism company, Politico.

The Kotecki Group

Through journalism, James refined the unique craft of storytelling and launched his own marketing firm, The Kotecki Group to help tech companies tell their story to customers, sometimes through the voices of their customers.

“The secret is to reach out to a bunch of people in your network, find out who everyone knows, and see if they can introduce you”.


An interesting topic that we touch on is the question of defining generations. Is it more than just a span of years people were raised in? Perhaps it has something to do with the technology we grew up with. James mentions that it could be solely based on companies wanting to sell us things, and dividing us into generations and marketing to us as part of that generation makes for good business.  We talk about the gap in our generation. “as technology accelerates, generations seem like they would narrow”.


“It’s the hardest thing to write the least”

“Explain your pitch like you would tell your grandma” Don’t belittle or speak down to people about your pitch, but put it in terms everyone can understand

“The secret is to reach out to a bunch of people in your network, find out who everyone knows, and see if they can introduce you”.


Huge thanks to James, the first time we recorded this episode using ecamm and at the end of the interview the program crashed and we lost the entire thing. James took the time to come back and redo the interview, so huge props to him for coming back on the show (and also recommending our new software Zoom.us) which records both audio and video.


Follow James on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can check out his work here.

Shout to SoHHL for the beats!

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