Episode 28: If You Start, Things will Happen with Jordan Agolli


Jordan is the founder of Force Media, launching his new YouTube series “Tell Me More” July 2017. He is the former host of the Teenage Entrepreneurs Podcast, and the Hatchpad podcast.
His first business began as a teen, when Jordan and his partner Daniel grew a landscaping company to 120 clients with 20 employees.
At the age of 19, Jordan’s landscaping business was sued. He credits the problem to “arrogance”, a client had accused the young landscapers of breaking something that they didn’t break. Jordan recalls that if they had allowed the client to be right (even if facts claimed otherwise) it would have cost roughly $1500…with court fees it cost over $15,000. Jordan says that sometimes it’s best to play the long game “you don’t always have to be right”, learning to let things go sometimes.

The Full Interview

Interviewing as a Tool

Soon after, Jordan began to see a disconnect between entrepreneurs that were starting out and those who had achieved “success”. His first podcast was in an effort to bridge this gap, and understand what created that success. It was something that young business owners could learn from.  Jordan credits podcasting as an incredibly useful course in teaching interviewing as a communication skill.


On finding a mentor Jordan says “the biggest thing you can do is do something for a mentor. Find somewhere you have a skill, and go do that for them”.

Future Plans

Jordan strives to host a TV show and own a production company. He used to do magic shows as a kid, and was interested in student council as a kid. Point being, he’s loved entertaining since childhood.


“If you just start things will happen”
“Nothing is ever going to start off big”
“when you just start something other great opportunities will come out of it”
“it always seems impossible until its done” Nelson Mandella
“Live life, taste death”


Weekly Callout: Jordan called our Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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